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    Suggestion for Firearms

    Hello everybody,
    I have recently seen a video on the current firearms that are in the game (see down below) and realized something felt a bit off.
    I saw that the difference between the Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns is not much and I feel like some improvements could be made.

    For the SMGs:
    - UP the fire rate.
    - Lower the recoil per shot.
    - Lower the travel distance of the bullets.
    - Lower the damage.

    For the Assault Rifles:
    There should be a difference in the AK-type and M4-type firearms not making one overpowered but more balanced like there is a preference per person between the M4A4/1-S and AK-47 in CS:GO. The AK is known to pack more of a punch with more penetration power than the M4 but the M4 is more controllable/accurate, this, of course, is also because of the difference in ammunition. NATO 5.56/5.54mm ammunition is generally used on standard issued rifles to limit destruction per bullet and increase accuracy whilst the 7.62mm is a more destructive round that is more powerful which goes at the cost of the accuracy.
    (I'm not saying all 7.62mm firearms are more inaccurate than the M4 but in comparison with an AK-47 or an AKM it is).

    - Higher damage.
    - Further the travel distance of the bullets.
    - More recoil per shot.
    - More bullet spread when firing automatically.
    - The current fire rate fits the firearm.

    - Lower damage than the AK.
    - Lower travel distance than the AK.
    - Significantly less recoil than the AK.
    - Significantly less bullet spread than the AK.
    - (UP the fire rate slightly more than the AK's).

    This is just one example of what I think could be changed to make gunplay more interesting in Onset. As of now they look they all are the same gun just with different looks which might be because no work has gone into it yet, still, I think it is something that may be suggested. If this suggestion is liked by the public I may make a more detailed one on all of the firearms in Onset.

    I want to add that I am glad how far the game has come as of right now and that I see a future in it. However, improvements can always be made on all angles and that's where we as a community come into play.
    Anyway, If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding this topic please comment below and I'll read them with consideration.

    Video mentioned:

    Thank you for your time in reading this suggestion.
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    From looking at the server files, it seems this can be controlled by both scripting and server config by server owners. The file is called weapons.json and its in the root of the onset server files. Here's an excerpt of the file in its default state
    Click image for larger version

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