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Lower Onset's graphics

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    Lower Onset's graphics

    Many people might not agree but i would suggest lowering the graphics, as in texture resolution, model complexity etc.
    Why? So more people can play (even those on potato pc's). There's a lot of potential players in games like MTA/SAMP/GMOD but they won't come due to high system requirements.
    I think those players fit into the "casual" crowd and they will not buy a new PC simply because of one game.

    Now, i'm not saying that i want this game looking like shit, but i think that there should be some happy medium between graphics/performance.
    And currently i think this game leans more on the graphics side than performance.

    But there's more too it. This game anticipates a lot of server-owner-made-content, but who are server owners? Amateurs that do this for fun.
    So on one side you will have these nice looking assets from the developer mixed in with some amateurish looking assets from the server owners.
    If the graphics are more "amateurish" looking from the get-go, assets from server owners are going to look less out of place.
    Also i think it would speed up development.

    Thank you for reading and tell me what you think.

    I would rather spend time on optimizing for lower end system. Onset isn't the first game that supports adding new 3d content. It works in other games with comparable visual appearance and modding capabilities as well.


      Hi! I tried Onset for the first time about 2 days ago. It looks fabulous, kudos for that. Before buying, I noted on the Steam page that the recommended hardware is Windows 10, Intel Core i5-6400, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960 4GB.

      I have Windows 10, an i5-6400, 16 GB RAM, a GTX 960 (but the 2 GB variant, not the 4GB) and also use 100% SSD storage (i.e. for Onset and my OS).

      The thing that has disappointed me the most is the performance. With the default settings, it was annoying to play through the stutter/lag. I tried turning the graphics down a bit, but that did of course take away from the nice graphics. I should also note that didn't "solve" the problem per se. The stutter was still noticable.

      I would like to open a community based on Onset, but it feels to me that some performance tuning is needed before I would feel comfortable taking the time to really push that community.

      By comparison I can play the latest Call of Duty title (Modern Warfare) and GTA V on their default settings with no issues.

      On another note: I have the FPS counter enabled in Onset's settings, but do not see it at all. Is this a bug or am I just looking in the wrong place? Screenshot of my settings:

      Here is task manager:

      As you can see, I have nothing but Onset running, and it's maxing out my 960 2 GB on an empty Onset server with just myself and no vehicles, customizations, etc.

      If there is any extra information I can provide, please let me know. Happy to chat via Discord if that is preferrable.
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