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ALIEN INVASION Gamemode for Onset!

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    ALIEN INVASION Gamemode for Onset!

    ALIEN INVASION Gamemode for Onset!

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    The world has been invaded by nearly indestructible killers from outer space.

    Upon joining the server, you will be part of a group of desperate lone survivors of the invasion whose only mission is to stay alive long enough to defeat the mothership.

    We do not know much about these alien lifeforms. We do know that they are very difficult to kill. If one of these creatures spots you, they will begin chasing you and will kill you instantly. The best advice is to run away to a safe distance unless you are prepared to fight. Try to outsmart them if you can, they are rather dumb.

    You will be backed by the reinforcements from the military. They will drop supplies (health, armor, and weapons) occassionally. If you hear aircraft overhead or see fireworks, head towards the drop zone - but be warned, these areas are NOT safezones. You MAY encounter conflict from other players while obtaining the loot box.

    The satellite computer has enough power to communicate with the mothership. Search the island for parts that can be used to operate the satellite computer to reach the end game.

    Game Summary
    • Character selection at spawn, skydive with parachute into the island.
    • The garage computer terminal will provide instructions/clues about the mission.
    • Supply drops at random locations every few minutes provide health, armor, and a weapon. (uses waypoints)
    • Computer parts hidden around the island that can be picked up and taken to the main satellite computer.
    • Satellite computer requires parts to be fully operational. Once 100% of the parts are recovered, the mothership will land. (cue the boss fight)
    • Mothership attacks players until everyone is dead or defeated.

    Direct Connect: or search for ALIEN INVASION in the server list!