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[USA] [EN] Defined Networks - Onset Life RPG - - HIRING

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    [USA] [EN] Defined Networks - Onset Life RPG - - HIRING

    Hello, I'd like to introduce a new USA server coming to onset! We are still in development in the process of launching on this game platform. We are excited to explore the many things that this game has to offer, and plan to utilize all the tools that this platform provides to make the best game experience for our players. We have lots of goals and plans for this game. Additionally, we have developers who are skilled within Lua who will be putting in a lot of effort to make our goals come true. Lastly we would also love feedback and ideas from you guys on what you would like to see made on this game

    As this is the new game we will be demanding that staff roles need to filled. To apply for these roles or obtain more information on each one, simply join the discord. We will be seeking the following divisions to be filled,
    • Administration team
    • Development team
    • Graphic team
    • Department team
    Administration team will be entrusted with the duty of keeping the peace and making sure everyone has the best roleplay experience.

    Development team will be entrusted with the duty of delivering the opportunity of having the best roleplay experience through the constant delivery of new content and features.

    Graphic team will be entrusted with the creation of all the visual effects and items to provide a even greater roleplay experience.

    Department team will be the leaders of the various different departments we have, such as police and the medical departments.


    We have plenty of goals that we could ponder on all day, but these are some of our major goals that we'll be working on at the moment.
    • Provide the best game experience.
    • Become one of the biggest NA server on onset.
    • Unite a great roleplay community that can find common connections.
    • Start developing new content.
    • Create a large community.
    • Create unique departments that provide great roleplay experiences.

    Server Information

    Server IP:
    (Not available to public yet, will update soon once in a playable state)


    Join the discord for additional information about the server and if you're curious on this project!
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