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Onset Conquest

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    GAMEMODE Onset Conquest
    In this gamemode you need to capture the flags. The first team at 0 points will loose

    Please note that onset-conquest is in BETA

    • Maps located in server/maps.lua
    ModelsYou can configure the gamemode in config.lua
    • dev : activate some commands for testing (don't use it if your server is public)
    • weapon_id : it's the primary weapon used by players
    • weapon_id2 : it's the secondary weapon used by players
    • startpoints : at how many points teams will start (without extra)
    • startpoints_added_per_player : how many points will be added in teams points for each player in the game
    • veh_respawn_time_ms : how often vehicles respawn (in ms)
    • distance2d_flag_capture : at how many distance of the flag a player will capture it
    • max_z : max value on z axis (to avoid helicopters being too high or collisions bugs)
    • invincible_time_respawn_ms : how many time a player will be invincible when he respawn (in ms)
    • clothes_team1 : clothes preset id used by team 1
    • clothes_team2 : clothes preset id used by team 2
    • time_win_label_ms : time win label will be shown (in ms)
    • kill_indicator_show_time_ms : time a kill indicator will be shown (in ms)