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    TOOL Onset Spectate

    This package allow you to spectate other players with commands

    • /spectate player name (you can have bugs if there is more than 1 at one time space ex : "a l e x" will work and "a<space><space>l e x" won't work)
    • /spectateid playerid
    • S to leave the spectator mode

    Really shit code man. Don't bother releasing your code next time BRUH.

    You should use table.concat
    PHP Code:
    if #{...} ~= 0 then
    name table.concat({...}, " ")
    instead of all this
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    Game Developer @ Onset RP // Early Access tester // Wiki Contributor


      Thanks for your job Man, the community need different scripts from the others like you. Dont listen @Logic_ , he have fucking no respect, and if he dont want your code he can just go far away.
      As a senior dev, I hate people like that and when we code in LUA (a simple scripting langage) there's no need to talk like that.
      Continue to code and improve your skills, the Onset community need lof of devs aims to share.
      BTW when I will find time for try to create a server (after playing a while), Im nearly sure to use your script who is going to be usefull for my needs.


        That's the whole point. If you release your code, you expect it to be critiqued and shitted on. You are on the internet remember? I also left the code that he can use to improve it, so I guess it makes my point fair 🙃

        Being a newbie doesn't make you invulnerable from not receiving the criticism, and that's how one becomes better. With words of encouragement and discouragement, there's no way we can give someone a pass on shit code.

        Other than that, the thing is well done, but how viable is a client side timer sending and receiving remote events. This will obviously hasn't been looked through performance wise.
        Game Developer @ Onset RP // Early Access tester // Wiki Contributor