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Is there a roadmap for the future of Onset after release?

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    Is there a roadmap for the future of Onset after release?


    I bought Onset pretty much right after it got released. I have never heard of it before about a week ago. I am VERY intrigued by the possibilities this game might be able to give. However, at its current state it's quite buggy and it seems still a little limited. I am aware that it's in Early Access. That is why I am interested in knowing if there is some official plan for the future of Onset?

    I'd like to know more like:
    • How often will there be new releases with new content, bug fixes, etc.
    • How many people are actually actively developing the Onset game itself (not server owners).
    • Are there any plans for what Lua functions will be added in the future?
    Basically just the usual questions you would have when a game is in Early Access.

    I want to spend many hours making gamemodes and plugins for this game - but I'm always a bit hesitant when dealing with a newly released Early Access, as I have seen many early access games being released and not kept updated, but just going stale and eventually die out. I sincerely hope that will never happen for this game, as I am so very hyped for the idea of the game and think that the content that is already accessible is great!

    Looking forward to hear from the dev team

    Hello Donne,

    as far as I know, there is only one active developer at the moment, it's Talos, he's the admin of this forum. As for your other questions, I recommend reading the store page on Steam, it addresses most of them.

    Have a great day.


      I guess the developer will bring in help now as he is earning money on the project, perhaps pay some modders for graphics to enhance the map or help him with the Gamemode.

      By the seems of it, he cares about his product and I doubt it is going the wrong way


        Hey you two. Thanks for joining in on the conversation

        Bewick - I have read the Steam store page, but it is kind of as generic as any other Early Access. It states more thigs will be added, early access will be two years. But there are no plans for short term vs long term, or whether Walkabout's theory about more people being brought in now that he earns money will hold true.

        It's just a matter of me REALLY liking this idea, so I really hope everything will go great.

        Factorio is an early access gone right that developers should strive to act like. They release weekly blog posts every friday explaining what some of the things they've been working on are. It's really great and very transparent. I feel like Onset is lacking a little bit of transparency


          As far as I have idea about the game's long term and short term goals, it's to introduce more modding features in the short time, so we can have more extensive and unrestricted access to the game's engine and the scripting API. and the long term goal would be to add something that's hard and requries a complete revamp in certain cases, as such with the vehicles, being more accurate, having two wheelers, three wheelers, planes, boats etc. I by no means confirm any thing and take my words with a grain of salt, but all these stuff is from my experience as a game-tester.
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            Hi, look at this :