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Onset 1.4.3 (Protocol Compatibility 4)


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Keybindings for the ladder:
E, Q - Extend ladder
Numpad 4, 6 - Rotate ladder
Numpad 2, 8 - Move ladder up and down

The ladder and water mesh is a skeletal mesh with an attachment point named "water". You can use that to spawn and attach water particles through Lua.

Lua function SetWebFocus for WebUIs

This is a great addition to WebUIs. Until now you couldn't focus an input on purpose. For example for a custom chat system.

function OnKeyPress(key)
    if key == "Space Bar" then
        if IsCtrlPressed() then
        AddPlayerChat("Focus mapeditor")
        ExecuteWebJS(EditorGui, "FocusInput();")
AddEvent("OnKeyPress", OnKeyPress)
After calling SetWebFocus you must also focus the HTML (input) element through Javascript.

Other changes

- Add button to the main menu to open the server content cache folder.
- Add SetHeightFogDensity, GetHeightFogDensity
- Adjust front light intensity of some cars to be more consistent.
- Improve vehicle torque, suspension and transmission settings for vehicle IDs 7, 8, 9, 13-16, 17, 18, 24, 42, 47, 48, 49
- Add new engine sounds for Apocalypse_02 (ID 56)
- Remove pumpkins from the cemetery.
- Improvements to game asset size again.
- Object IDs 728, 729, 732, 735 have been removed. (Replaced with a cube) You can use other existing chairs instead.
- Add function UActorComponent:ComponentHasTag(TagName), ComponentAddTag(TagName), ComponentRemoveTag(TagName)
- Add function UMaterialInstanceDynamic:GetFloatParameter(ParamNa me), GetColorParameter(ParamName), GetTextureParameter(ParamName)
- Add function UObject:GetClass(), GetClassPathName()
- UObject.ProcessEvent custom user parameters are not optional


- Fix wrongly checking Lua errors in exported functions causingparams to always return nil
- Fix player flying away when static mesh mobility is set to movable
- Fix a game freeze in WebUIs.
- Fix a game freeze when a sound (CreateSound/3D) is being destroyed.
- Fix many map glitches.
- Fix writing server data if existing file is read only.
- Fix MuscleCar (ID 40) driver animation.
- Fix some textures streaming incorrectly.
- Should fix some landscape LOD artifacts.
- Fix vehicle light sync in some circumstances

Server changes

Sandbox option

Add a new option named "sandbox" to the server_config.json. (Disabled by default)
Turning this on will enforce the same script security boundaries as on the client. For example no loading of compiled Lua scripts or usage of possible dangerous functions.

- Fix BroadcastRemoteEvent parsing parameters incorrectly.
- Fix crash when checking vehicle passengers.
- Fix GetStreamedPlayersForPlayer not returning players that are inside a vehicle.
- Update WorldDoors.lua in the default package.