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    Onset 1.1.0

    Onset 1.1.0 (Protocol Compatibility 2)

    The game compatibility has changes in this release. Server owners must update their server via steamcmd in order to allow clients to connect.

    Client changes

    New Police Department Interior
    YuriCustoms (@SLB2k11) has been working on a new interior for the police department. New doors have been added to the WorldDoors.lua script in the default package.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	pd1.png Views:	0 Size:	816.5 KB ID:	2190
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pd4.PNG Views:	0 Size:	770.8 KB ID:	2191
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pd3.png
Views:	137
Size:	777.9 KB
ID:	2209

    Female characters
    As requested by some users I've been working on introducing female characters to Onset. Thanks to @FlowPX3 for his initial research.

    Most clothing items from the male model have been adjusted to fit the female body. You can use the function SetPlayerVoiceTone(player, VoiceTone) to switch between male and female character sounds.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	female.PNG Views:	0 Size:	759.7 KB ID:	2195

    Female body, hair and clothing items.
    New male faces and hair styles

    16 new male faces and 18 hair styles.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	normal06.PNG Views:	0 Size:	356.2 KB ID:	2194

    All faces can be viewed here:

    Male faces:
    These hair models are compatible among the new male faces.
    Humanoid Robot
    New robot character model.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Humanoid.png Views:	0 Size:	976.0 KB ID:	2192

    New helicopter

    Military style helicopter. The vehicle id is 26.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	heli03.PNG Views:	0 Size:	794.5 KB ID:	2193

    New Armor Clothing

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MaleArmor.PNG Views:	0 Size:	720.0 KB ID:	2196

    More fixes and additions:
    • The spectator pawn/camera now uses the same control key mappings as the local player.
    • LineTrace behavior ignored by certain surfaces near the canal area in the city.
    • Fix windmills not spinning.
    • Fix collision in prison cell block B.
    • Fix another prison fence collision.
    • Map fixes.
    • Remove CreateCollision and related functions as this system didn't work out as intended.
    • Add registration number field to the helicopter. It can be modified with SetVehicleLicensePlate on the server.
    • Fix cinema glitch in the corner.
    • Remove random kid screaming from the ambient sounds.
    • Fix GetInputAxisValue always returning 0.0.
    • Re-enable startup logo.
    • Fix serverbrowser ignoring filters when updating from the masterlist.
    • Reduce falling through the map on teleport by spawning an invisible mesh below the player.
    • Remove TemporalAA sharpening to save on performance.
    • Increase chat Z-Order so that it will always be on top of the WebUIs
    • Enable text outline in the chat window
    • Add new detail texture for the desert ground, also increase sun light intensity to improve scene lighting a bit
    • Fix vehicle light switch and swimming sound not being played in 3D.
    • Fix pickup being triggered multiple times for players.
    • Improve vehicle license plate locations.
    • Add sprinting animations for pistols and rifles.
    • Add missing 4K textures for the body of the male character (they were just 1K).
    • Add missing prison guard uniform /Game/CharacterModels/SkeletalMesh/Outfits/HZN_CH3D_Prison_Guard_LPR
    • Add missing prisoner cargo pants: /Game/CharacterModels/SkeletalMesh/Outfits/HZN_CH3D_PrisonerPants_LPR
    • Add prefab houses to object identifier.
    • Fix CARRY_SHOULDER_IDLE not looping.
    • Set r.Tonemapper.Sharpen=2.0 (Replaces TemporalAA sharpening)
    • Fix license plate on classic sedan hovering in air when opened
    • The snow functions (SetLandscapeSnowAlpha, EnableSnowParticles) have been disabled in order to keep them for the winter edition of Onset. However calling them won't trigger an error.
    • Classic sedan (lada) now has proper collisions for the trunk, hood and doors.
    • New footstep sounds for wood, carpet and gravel material surfaces. You can trigger different footstep sounds by having one of the following words in your material name: "metal", "grass", "gravel", "ground", "wood", "carpet", "sand".
    • Fix LoadPak loading pak files from different server cache directories.
    • Add Lua GetVehiclePassenger, GetVehicleDriver, GetVehicleNumberOfSeats
    • Add SetPlayerVoiceTone(player, VoiceTone), valid voice tones are: "male", "female"
    • New hittype: HIT_DOOR (GetMouseHitEntity etc. will reflect these changes).
    • Add SetDoorPropertyValue, GetDoorPropertyValue, OnDoorNetworkUpdatePropertyValue
    • Add event OnObjectModelChange(object, modelid) which is triggered when SetObjectModel is called on the server.
    • Increase remote event max string length to 8192
    • Remove modelid limit for objects and pickups. This is useful as you can now use any model id number in CreateObject and override it to a custom model in the client StreamIn event.
    • Increase maximum number of packages to 64.
    • Players weapon meshes can now have simulated physics parts. The strap handle on the SMG02 is now simulated.
    • Increase remote event name max length to 128 (was 64).
    • Add Lua TogglePlayerTag(player, tagname, enable) to selectively disable certain tags above a players head. Valid tagnames are "name", "health", "armor" and "voice".
    • GetDoorLocation now returns the yaw rotation as the 4th parameter.
    • Fix IsMouseCursorEnabled not returning a boolean.
    • Text3D entities wrongfully interfered with mouse hits and traces.
    • Add OnPlayerToggleVehicleLight(player, bEnable), return false in this event to prevent a player from using the vehicles lights.

    New UnrealLua functions:
    Server changes

    Voice Channels
    You can now realize phones by having different players in the same voice channel.
    SetPlayerVoiceChannel(player, channel, enable)
    IsPlayerVoiceChannel(player, channel)
    • Vehicle engines no longer turn on automatically, use Start/StopVehicleEngine to control the vehicles engine.
    • GetStreamedPlayersForPlayer will no longer return the own player identifier.
    • Fix SetObjectMoveTo not moving the objects correctly.
    • Fix SetObjectDetached when the object was attached to another object.
    • Fix calling exported package functions in nested events.
    • Improve occurrence where VoIP packets aren't send when the player is driving fast.
    • Add OnVehicleDamage(vehicle, healthdamage, damageindex, morphdamage)
    • Add .svg support
    • New hittype: HIT_DOOR (Update Weapons.lua)
    • Add SetDoorPropertyValue, GetDoorPropertyValue
    • Add SetObjectModel
    • Add IsDoorStreamedIn, IsPickupStreamedIn, SetPickupLocation, IsText3DStreamedIn, SetText3DLocation
    • GetDoorLocation now returns the yaw rotation as the 4th parameter
    • Increase remote event max string length to 8192
    • Increase max package file count to 1024 (including client scripts)
    • Increase maximum number of packages to 64.
    • Only sync weapon shots to streamed in players
    • Update WorldDoors.lua
    • Update Weapons.lua
    • Add VehicleEngine.lua

    This update is insane! There's so much new functions I've been waiting for, well done!


      Amazing work, Talos! Glad to see the user requests taken care of.
      Game Developer @ Onset RP // Early Access tester // Wiki Contributor


        Great work Talos.


          The new characters are very interesting.