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Onset 1.6.2-alpha

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    Onset 1.6.2-alpha

    Onset 1.6.2-alpha (Protocol Compatibility 7)

    Client changelog
    • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.23.1
    • Now embedding the BASS library instead of libvlc. Used for decoding audio files.
    • New event "OnSoundUpdateMeta(sound, meta)" for network streams. It contains the metadata from the stream, most of the time that's the name of the song and artist.
    • CreateSound/3D now supports .pls (network playlists) .m3u should work as well. (Example stream music:
    • CreateSound3D radius parameter is no longer optional
    • Add garage doors (id 41)
    • Add doors for the small houses in the new town level
    • Add proper magazine reload animation for the sniper
    • Add Discord SDK status on the client
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DiscordStatusServer.JPG Views:	0 Size:	13.5 KB ID:	570
    • Discord overlay can be enabled with the key that you have configured in your Discord settings.
    • Add CopyToClipboard (length limit 2048 chars, only works in dev mode)
    • Add IsGameWindowFocused (if you need an event, create a timer and check if every 100ms or so)
    • Chat input should no longer fade out if it has input focus
    • Entering vehicles while being crouched results in bad character mesh position

    Server changelog
    • The fileserver should no longer expire a write stream (@JanHolger)

    Update WorldDoors.lua on your server.