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Onset 1.5.0-alpha

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    Onset 1.5.0-alpha

    Onset 1.5.0-alpha (Protocol Compatibility 6)

    Client changelog
    • Add prison level (Teleport location: -167958.000000, 78089.000000, 1569.000000)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Prison.JPG Views:	0 Size:	150.7 KB ID:	487 Click image for larger version  Name:	PrisonLevel2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	189.0 KB ID:	490
    • Add prisoner outfit
    Click image for larger version  Name:	CUFF_ANIM.JPG Views:	0 Size:	326.3 KB ID:	494
    • Add new door system which can be interacted by the player pressing 'E'
      • New functions: GetStreamedDoors, GetDoorLocation, GetDoorCount (See server functions to create doors)
    • Add fireworks! CreateFireworks (Video)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	fireworks.png Views:	0 Size:	824.4 KB ID:	492
    • Add "REVIVE", "CUFF", "CUFF2" animations (@Kuzkay)
    • Improve "HANDSUP_STAND" and "HANDSUP_KNEEL" animation (@Kuzkay)
    • Helicopter network synchronization is much smoother now. No more jerking around in the air.
    • All doors in the world have been replaced with the new door system. (Load WorldDoors.lua on the server)
    • Gas station doors have spring back physics (@andrew)
    • Add kitchen props and some prebuilt houses to the object list.
    • Add function SetMouseLocation(x, y). Only works within viewport bounds.
    • Add function IsCmdPressed(), IsAltPressed()
    • Some license plates should be attached to the trunk.
    • GetPlayerPropertyValue now works on local player (@Kuzkay)
    • Fix password dialog showing unused "OK" button.
    • Fix falling through map when getting out vehicles lying on the side (@Kuzkay)
    • Fix client package file name length still being 40 chars (@JanHolger)
    • Package files can now have multiple dots like "bootstrap.min.css" (@JanHolger)
    • Allow pcall in non -dev sessions (@JanHolger)
    • Add GetVehicleLicensePlate()
    • Add OnPlayerStartEnterVehicle, OnPlayerStartExitVehicle. Return false in the event to prevent players from entering. (@x7airworker)
    • Add additional collider to chain-link fence to prevent vehicles from driving through it. (@Kuzkay)
    • Chat will now fade out if input is not focused (@andrew)
    • Fix weapon menu not closing sometimes after releasing the button.
    • Fix aiming not working if sprint key was released during jumping before.
    • Voice settings and push to talk should be fixed.

    Server changelog
    • Add new door system which can be controlled by scripts.
      • New functions: CreateDoor, DestroyDoor, SetDoorOpen, IsDoorOpen, GetDoorModel, Set/GetDoorLocation, Set/GetDoorDimension
      • New events: OnPlayerInteractDoor
      • Load WorldDoors.lua which contains all doors in the world for walkable buildings.
    • Add some new helper functions: GetPickupLocation, GetText3DLocation, GetPickupLocation, GetLightLocation, GetVehicleLicensePlate
    • Package files can now have multiple dots like "bootstrap.min.css" (@JanHolger)
    • Removed OnVehiclePickupHit, use OnPlayerPickupHit and GetPlayerVehicle instead
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