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Release Information / Modding Update

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    Release Information / Modding Update

    Release Information

    Tomorrow is the big day! Onset will release as Early Access on Steam at 11:00am PST.

    The pricing will be as follows: €16.99 EUR, $18.99 USD, £14.99 GBP.
    Regional pricing may apply in other countries.

    The Early Access phase and your support will give me the chance to turn this personal project
    into something bigger. So, thank you to everyone who supports Onset!

    Early Access

    Please keep in mind that Onset is launching in Early Access. Meaning that especially at the beginning
    you will notice some bugs which will be fixed during the Early Access.
    Some bugs or errors may also arise from the game mode of a particular server you are playing on.

    Modding Update

    I have good news for those who want to import custom 3D models in Onset. A new tool will help
    you to simplify the process of importing your models.

    Please see the corresponding wiki page:

    Server now available via steamcmd

    If you would like to host a server for Onset then you can already download the file for it.
    Another server update will be released tomorrow before the release.

    Setup guide:


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