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    What can I do in Onset?
    Onset is a new level of multiplayer experience. Bored of more of the same every day? In Onset, you play on servers hosted by the community. The server hosters can run Lua scripts on the server and the game client. Together those scripts make up a gamemode. What gamemode? Every gamemode. Roleplaying, racing, cops and robbers, deathmatch, team deathmatch. Or something completely new, different, and exciting. Whatever you can imagine! So no more of the same. Onset.

    But the game provides the content?
    Exactly. Onset offers an open world, character models, vehicles, shooting mechanics and scripting functions. You offer whatever you want to do. It is completely up to you. So no more of the same. Onset.

    What are the system requirements for the game?
    Please see

    No, thank you.

    No, Onset requires a keyboard.

    Will it be in Early Access?
    We think that Steam's Early Access will be a good choice for Onset. We want to ensure that there is already plenty to do in the game when we launch on Steam. But we also have several ideas that we want to bring in during the EA phase. In the end the game should be something you can enjoy the most. Meaning with your ideas and feedback we can shape the game in a direction you like. We also want to deliver content updates after the EA phase.

    Who can host servers?
    The server software will be available to everyone for both Windows and Linux from the very beginning. So no more of the same every day.

    How many players per server?
    We have our custom dedicated server software that only sends data to relevant players. Meaning you only see players, vehicles and objects near you. Our tests have shown that 300 players work well on a decent server hardware. (Full list of limitations).
    What the client can display at once is another thing. Most of the time you have 1-30 players on your screen which works perfectly fine.

    Why Lua?
    Lua is a secure embeddable scripting language. It's easy to learn and fits perfectly our needs. You have never heard of Lua before? No worries! We will show you in our tutorials.

    Can I script X?
    Take a look on our developer wiki which lists all functions. This is going to be extended in the future with more functions and examples.

    How is player data being saved?
    We are going to provide functions that allow you to save any data directly in a MySQL/MariaDB sql database.

    Can I replace in-game models with my own?
    You can apply textures to objects but you can not yet import 3D models. We plan on implementing a modding pipeline after the release but it's not our top priority for now.