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    Ohio Roleplay

    Welcome to Ohio Role-play.
    We hope you enjoy our server and here are some of the things we offer and hope to please

    We chose Ohio because I as owner live in Ohio and I do not see many communities on any game use Ohio
    Community Board
    The community board is a very important part to the community. The board makes all decisions for the community. We believe that the community should be set up like a city government. To compare, the Owner would be a mayor for example and the board would be the city council. In order to be part of the community board, you must have a certain amount of hours on the server and must win a community election. Everyone in the community will be voting for you, if you decide to go down this path.
    Types of Role-play
    We plan to add the following government jobs NOTE: Some may vary on where you are in game
    • Law Enforcement (Local, County, State)
    • Government(Local, County, State)
    NOTE: More will be added in the future

    We hope bring in a stable economy where you have to do in game tasks. Staff do not control the economy. We believe the economy should be controlled in RP. We also hope to implement businesses to where you own property, have workers(actual players) and pay them wages. The government does not have to regulate anything.

    Please consider Ohio Role-play to be your favorite and go to Role-play server. We are going to try our best to achieve everything stated above. If you have any questions. Send me a message on Discord. Thespecmine#7767

    Please Join our discord:
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