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Darkside life - Combat roleplay server

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    Darkside life - Combat roleplay server

    Come try out our new life server!

    Remote IP:
    Based in Australia

    • Quest system (over 120 for civilian and 60 for police) (questlines can be prestiged to gain special powerful vehicles as a reward)
    • Skills system (skill points gained by completing quest can be spent to improve your character)
    • Police force with 10 ranks
    • Civilian jobs (all have a leveling system so as you level up your job changes and pays more)
    • All the resources collecting/processing that you expect from a life server
    • Big ops such as robbing the underground bank and jail riots
    • Gang system (create and invite people to your gang, capture and hold gang hideouts, collect, process and sell drugs)
    • Gang jobs (drug running and weapons dealing)
    • Purchase and upgrade houses
    • And much more...
    Future plans
    we plan to bring over all of the other features from our Arma 3 life server, including
    • Base/House building
    • Crafting
    • Whitelisted jobs (medic, mechanic, security)
    • Large rebel ops
    • Events that players can begin
    Completely new to Onset and the Lua language we began development in late October last year. We used the OnsetRP package and a few others, these were vital so we're very thankful to their great developers

    So come give it a try, and join our discord, hope to see you there!
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