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    Questions about Onset

    Hello everyone. I am the lead developer of a fairly large FiveM RP server, and we have been doing a lot of customization and development to get our server closer to our goal, but feel we've reached platform limitations now. We want to continue to provide RP services, but at a much more costumized level. I had a few questions about feasibility of doing our own work.

    Is it possible to create a completely custom overworld map in place of the default Onset island? Or at minimum, start with a blank terrain with just a few available buildings that we can grow and build on as we progress, or modify the default island?

    Is Unreal level streaming supported yet? So players can instance to "building interiors" without having to restart the client between interior and exterior load?

    Is it possible to import new character models/clothing models? It looks like there are already clothing models made available that can be used and retextured, but is it possible to create and import new ones, including new character models?

    Likewise, can new vehicles be added or are we limited only to the vehicles provided by Onset?

    Finally, it looks like custom animations are possible, but I could be wrong. Are we able to create custom animations in either Unreal or another tool and import them, and havr them available for use?

    Sorry for asking so many questions. This is just the closest thing we have found to what we want to do.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from everyone!

    Hey there!

    Yes, see this for custom maps/levels

    Yes, you can use level streaming in your maps.

    Yes, you can import characters and clothing. (

    No, new vehicles cannot be added at the moment. (

    Yes you can import custom animations (like a sitting animation) since v1.2.2 (

    Feel free to ask anything else


      Hmm, okay. The custom vehicles isn't too big of a deal. It seems like it may be on the road map. I did play around with loading new maps.

      Is there a way, or a planned way, to specify the starter map, with out requiring a reconnect? It's a bit jarring and non immersive as a player to see a character load into the base map then immediately get disconnected and reconnected into another one.