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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the planned release date of Onset?
    Current ETA is set for December of 2019.

    What platforms will the game be on?
    PC exclusive on Steam.

    What's the map size?
    The map will be 20 km² surrounded by an ocean.

    How many players will be able to join per server?
    We have our custom dedicated server software that only sends data to relevant players. Meaning you only see players, vehicles and objects near you. Our tests have shown that 300 players work well on a decent server hardware. (Full list of limitations).
    What the client can display at once is another thing. Most of the time you have 1-30 players on your screen which works perfectly fine.

    What's the game engine?
    Unreal Engine 4

    How does scripting for Onset work?
    Scripts are being executed on the server and client. Have a look on our developer wiki for a list of functions and events.
    Custom content like sounds and textures are being downloaded directly from the server.

    Are there going to be example gamemodes?
    Yes, we are going to provide out of the box working scripts for you to host.

    What kind of vehicle damage is there?
    Vehicles have different areas that can be damaged depending on where the damage occurs.

    Who can host servers?
    The server software will be available to everyone for both Windows and Linux from the very beginning. So no more of the same every day.

    Can I replace in-game models with my own?
    You can apply textures to objects but you can not yet import 3D models. We plan on implementing a modding pipeline after the release but it's not our top priority for now.

    How can I stay up to date with Onset?
    Follow Onset on our social media channels:

    Youtube Channel:
    Onset Forum:
    Onset Developer Wiki:

    When did the development start?
    Onset is in development since 2017.

    Will there be an Kickstarter campaign?
    Onset is privately funded.

    Will it be in Early Access?
    We think that Steam's Early Access will be a good choice for Onset. We want to ensure that there is already plenty to do in the game when we launch on Steam. But we also have several ideas that we want to bring in during the EA phase. In the end the game should be something you can enjoy the most. Meaning with your ideas and feedback we can shape the game in a direction you like. We also want to deliver content updates after the EA phase.

    How much will Onset be?
    It will be under $30.

    Last updated: June 30, 2019

    Really Nice


      Really nice looking forwards to this game


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        Really nice looking forwards to this game
        Same, it looks interesting!


          Great Info, thanks for all the information.